Counsel The World Uganda (CTWU) is an individual focused non profit organization focused on youths and elderly empowerment programs with an emphasis on Sexual Reproductive Health and Rights (SRHR), emotional and psychological barriers awareness and prevention e.g HIV/AIDS.                                                                                        We also fundamentally focus on changing social norms and values that limit access to SRHR services and information through designing effective communication strategies and campaigns to create awareness and solutions.

VISION: “For individuals to make informed choices in a global and dynamic world”

MISSION: “Aid in the emotional and psychological development of all people and                                     communities, skill development to live focused lives”

MOTTO:   “Focused life better”


  • SAUTIplus
  • One World Children’s Fund (OWCF)
  • Grant For Uganda (GFU)


  • Transparency and openness; we believe in a culture of honesty and therefore employ an open door policy where all staff and volunteers can freely communicate with each other.
  • Appreciation; we recognize the universal nature and cross-cultural appreciation of human beings and their rights.
  •   Core target; at CTWU, we target and keenly focus on the oppressed and explaining their problems to them and providing reliable solutions to their problems.


  • Raised from a humble family of handicapped parents  in a remote village of Kanungu, Counsel The World , Uganda founder and team leader Boaz Namanya struggled with stigma and discrimination because he hardly raised all the scholastic materials and walked barefooted daily due to lack of enough money to buy a pair of shoes and had no company at school till he joined secondary school. Being passionate and self driven Namanya was compelled to educate fellow youth on handicap related issues, cancer related cases and HIV/AIDS because many thought my mother had HIV yet it was caner. Its from this that Namanya conceptualized the idea of Counsel The World Uganda.
  • Its an organization for young people to reach out the message to fellow youth on stress management, sexual reproductive health issues and HIV/AIDS.
  • Counsel The World Uganda (CTWU) was started in 2010


  • CTWU has now reached its services from focusing only on the youth but also to the other individuals especially the older group.
  • We have sensitized student performance in schools and distancing themselves from sex related activities as they tend to spoil their future prospects.
  • We have carried out many exercises, campaigns and moves to educate the people about handling HIV/AIDS cases, stigma, stress, discrimination and many others using many communication strategies like the media, conferences, charity shows and visiting schools and churches. and this has successfully enabled us create awareness amongst many communities.


  • Advanced sensitizations on various problems
  • Advanced rehabilitation of all individuals and communities largely
  • Provided counseling services to different individuals and communities.


  • Delayed funding from the sponsors to run the organization.
  • Shortage of volunteers to reach all the parts of the world.
  • Lack of enough sponsors to add more funds for the organization to effectively run and operate.


  • Increasing awareness of issues through professional development.
  • Eliminating barriers, increase employment for people with disabilities and others who are unable to raise the starting capital, teaching more business skills and social behavior.







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