Uganda belongs to us all not Museveni 

Bantu people came from Nigeria/Cameroon border. They brought with them cattle and sheep, millet, sorghum and other crops. Iron technology that they had acquired enabled them to clear forested areas to graze livestock and grow crops and subdue enemies with spears. They brought this mixed farming to the Great Lakes region by the beginning of the first century AD. The existing economies and societies were incorporated (Goran Burenhult 1993).

Three things to observe

1. Bantu arrived in the Great Lakes region 3000 years ago. Tutsi arrived in early 16th century. In Uganda Bantu aren’t going to be replaced by Museveni people. Museveni keeps saying he has unfinished business that is to steal our land. I urge Uganda natives not to let an inch of our land be taken by Museveni for his people. This is an area where we should stand together without qualification. And we must use any means of self defense recognized in international law or domestic law if it exists.

2. Bantu people had mixed economies with cattle. They were reduced to crop farmers by Tutsi who stole native lands and turned former owners into serfs. That is what Museveni calls unfinished business in Uganda. That is why he can’t spell out this unfinished business.

3. Bantu incorporated economies and societies found in the area. Museveni and his people don’t accept integration with other people through Tutsi men marrying women from other ethnic groups.

You can now see what will happen if Tutsi that came to our country as refugees since 1959 now want to replace natives. This is not the 16th century when they arrived in the Great Lakes region and dispossessed Hutus and others with impunity. Museveni should drop the idea of throwing Uganda natives under the bus and/or drowning them in Lake Victoria to turn over Uganda to Tutsi.

No constitutional amendment


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