Age limit removal stern result

Fellow Ugandans and fellow youth as they say the devil is in the details.

Do we fully understand the consequences of removing age limit?

Some people have focused on 75 age limit for the presidential candidate. Removing the age limit means

1. Removing the 35 age limit and the 75 age limit. This means a candidate in his twenties can contest for the presidency of Uganda. It also means a Ugandan in his eighties or above can contest for the presidency of Uganda.

2. Removing the age limit is not confined to the president but to other elective officers like MPs and District Council Members.

3. In a situation like Uganda where elections are rigged, those in power will make sure they are re-elected every five years. And in the absence of age limit they will stay in power for life. Is that what we want for Uganda?

4. Those who are saying they will support removal of age limit provided Museveni pledges he won’t run are simply supporting Museveni life presidency. They didn’t realize that they are betraying their people who are against the removal of the age limit — Togikwatako. They should reverse that statement because Museveni doesn’t keep promises: the Nairobi Accord? Stepping down in 1990, then after the promulgation of the constitution? Do you remember all these promises etc?

The MPs have a delicate situation on their hands. They are accountable to the people yet they have received so much money to support removal of the age limit. Remember it is the people that send you to parliament and they have spoken loud and clear.

 The moment you are born greedy and then grow up in a country like Uganda where it’s very easy to develop that love for money because of many reasons, we don’t need to wonder why these twits we so call our Legislators are very much happy for the 29m slush fund. Go to my district Kanungu and see how the Kinkiizi East constituency MP bribes everyone who attended the so called consultative meeting with 150000 to cater for their transport. Hehe then where is the balance of that money because we all saw the handfuls that attended that meeting.  What is the adequacy of these meetings anyway because we all know what next.-Togikwatako.

God save my country and my greedy legislators 



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