102(b) amendment 

Museveni has stayed in power this long and possibly longer to cater for the interests of major donors, not of Ugandans.

Together with Okello and Obote government considered socialist was toppled in 1985. But the five year guerrilla war cost many lives and destroyed many properties. In the Luwero Triangle alone half the population there lost their lives. This was a war that many Baganda didn’t want on their soil.

 Museveni implemented the most devastating shock therapy structural adjustment that has caused too much suffering. Because of reduction for example of expenditure in healthcare, maternal mortality increased from 527 in 1995 to 920 per 100,000 live births in 2005 at a time when the MDGs called for reducing maternal mortality by two-thirds.  When mothers die prematurely they leave  young ones behind without adequate attention raising the level of child mortality.

The NRM government sold all the public enterprises and dished out 400 fully developed public ranches with about half a million head of cattle without any accountability. Ugandans don’t know how much money was generated and where it went (in UK the Conservative governments of Thatcher and Major generated British Pounds 67 billion from privatising public enterprises). Ugandans demand answers from the NRM government

To support the West in fighting terrorism, Museveni forced Anti-Terrorism Act that is so broadly defined politically, economically, socially and culturally that anybody can be arrested and detained indefinitely. You can be arrested on so-called inciting the public to commit terror. People are shot dead genocide style by security forces with impunity as happened in Kasese and using excessive force as recently happened when the police fired live bullets to disperse people that had gathered peacefully in Rukungiri district. Some were killed and others wounded.

We call on our development partners to change relationship with Museveni as happened with Haile Selassie in Ethiopia, Ferdinand Marcos in the Philippines and Pinochet in Chile and Mobutu in then Zaire. We talk a lot about justice, democracy, rule of law and good governance while at the same time authoritarian regimes as in Uganda are supported financially and militarily at the expense of the people.  

A transitional government of all Ugandans to clean up the house is what is needed at the moment. Museveni life presidency will be disastrous to say the least. -Togikwatako 

God save my country 


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