Following the Medics’ press conference called in response to the health minister Ruth Aceng’s “regrettable of a honourable” threats and intimidation yesterday, you see wounded buffalos and not medics, on the screen! 

Each time Dr. Obukwe, their president opens his mouth to speak, you see a beaten and broken fellow using the little energy left in him to carry the cross of others, “a man with nothing left has nothing to lose!” that is what you see! 

The resilience in these fellows is unmatched, if the government statement was a copy and paste of the threats that send shock waves down the spine of UNATU and poor government school teachers who find them selves in the classrooms after they are made…………the government is in for a rude shock if it expects the same effect on the doctors, interns and everyone else involved in this strike!
The battle lines are drawn, the battle cry heard, a protracted and costly battle is unfolding before us, the poor wanainchi who falls sick in the course of battle will regret……for their loved ones will mourn! Not that they can avoid it, just that the government has opted for that path! After all, the government official’s doctors in Mumbai, New Delhi, Munich, and Brussels are not about to strike, neither are the ones at Agha Khan hospital Nairobi.



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