Age limit to cause more mayhem in Uganda 

In my previous blog post about age limit savage in my country Uganda that has been taken to the dogs, I warned about stern and depriving results if no clear and serious means to boycott this campaign were taken.

The lifting of the age limit will likely have the following outcomes:

1. It will create life presidency. The incumbent will use it to speed up the implementation of the Rwakitura Covenant, the Metamorphosis Doctrine and the Fifty Year Master Plan. This will result into:

2. Closer relationship with Rwanda and the ultimate merging of the two countries with Kigali as the new capital. Discussions have already taken place between the two governments about abolishing the border between the two countries.  Merging countries is not new.

2. Uganda will eliminate kingdoms in line with Rwanda that eliminated it’s kingdom. Burundi did so earlier. The kingdom of Ankole was not restored. So why can’t the kingdoms of Buganda, Bunyoro and Toro be abolished​?  There are plenty of reasons to justify that.

3. The natives in Rwanda and Uganda will systematically be eliminated or significantly reduced and herded into urban slums and weakened further through unemployment,  dispossession of assets especially land, impoverishment and massive birth control including sterilization of both men and women.  The birth control programs with massive donor support are already being implemented in both countries. The creation of many districts and the changing of names in Uganda is part of that package. 

4. The nationalization of Uganda land will formalize and facilitate it’s transfer to foreign ownership and utilization to meet external demands for food and raw materials.

All this can be prevented only if Ugandans force the MPs to act responsibly and reject the lifting of the age limit and the nationalization of Uganda land. The neutrality of development partners and Uganda security forces would be a great asset.


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