The fall of Mugabe Dynasty 

Zimbabwe was the place to be for exiled African dictators and fugitives.Its main rival for this comparative phenomenon was that North African Kingdom of Morroco. 

First,Zimbabwe!!! Ethiopian military ruler Col.Mengistu Haile Mariam fled to Zimbabwe in 1991 after being deposed from power.He left Ethiopia in darkness like a thief on the run with fifty family and Derg members.When he arrived in Mugabe’s country the asylum condition was simple,don’t get involved,lie low like an envelop,no politics,don’t even join the local Rotary club Mr.Mengistu.That is how the former Ethiopian ruler has managed to survive in Zimbabwe for 26 years.

I prefer African tyrants who invest their asylum in the continent.Former Zaire president Mobutu Sesse Seko is buried at some shallow grave in Morocco.He is therefore African to death. Gen Amin will return to Africa one day.

My prediction is that Sir Robert Mugabe,the former British Knight of the  realm will not leave Zimbabwe.

Meanwhile let us wish Zimbweans the best of tidings even with the old school Sandhurst Generals as the Ugandan Generals are busy praising the despot for the freedom they are enjoying.

Our own army can hardly save Ugandans because they are bathrobes fearing fire any time they plot to save Ugandans. They forgot that if the dictator targets and kills your fellows, you don’t just bow to his bogus feet but rise up for a fundamental cause which eventually brings a subservient change not changing and then you take all the authority back to yourself and your family. 

Uganda has been to that stagnate and sweltering state because the army itself has watched it all but learnt nothing that they would be the only people to change the status quo of this country. And that’s why most of them meet their ends like chicken thieves who never made a contribution to the current peace and freedom that is enjoyed by a few individuals. 

Sgt Kifulugunyu wouldn’t have met his demise that way being whisked on a ‘kawuuba’ like garbage. He joined the UPDF the then NRA in early 1980s and has after over 35 years died on the roadside without even any nearby facility to bring his life back. This isn’t the Uganda he fought for and on top of that he wouldn’t have died a Sergeant (WO1) yet the children who were three years then are Generals (Kainerugaba). 

That’s what it means being used by a dictator and despot as for our case Ugandans. He is only interested in power wielding and touting the populace for more terms in office and amending the constitution everytime. Spending those huge sums of slushfunds on issues that don’t matter yet people who own the country are perishing in road accidents on a daily basis, no medical facilities, schools are only makeshifts and only to thank God for trees. It’s better our peace loving countrymen did rise for a fundamental change that would stupendously benefit us all not a few selected individuals. 



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