Power and individual leaders 

Watching the events in Zimbabwe, one realises that few people have minds of their own. Most people blindly follow power. When Mugabe had power, they blindly followed him. Now Mnangagwa has power, so they blindly follow him. No doubt, if Mugabe still had power, today’s Central Executive Committe meeting, if it had been convened at all, would have rubberstamped his wishes. But power has changed position, and therefore the members of the committe — who are senior party leaders, by the way — have to similarly change their positions.

I think Museveni understood this point long ago. In 1980, every Ugandan thought Ssemwogerere was a better leader than him. But, in 1996, it was the opposite. What had changed in the intervening period? Well, Museveni had fought his way to power.

People don’t follow individual leaders. They follow power. If you want people to follow you, simply get power by any means.

If the army took away Museveni’s power, even Abiriga & Anite would vote against him at the next NEC meeting.


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