FDC not key problem for Uganda 

The hullabaloo surrounding FDC party election results and the debate on Gen.Mugisha Muntu and Hon.Patrick Oboi Amuriat is a diversionary motive by those in the circles of propangandalism who shrive on propaganda and can not survive without propaganda and normally use such courtesy to advance useless Rrksituations in the country in the backyard as they keep the nation in useless debates rather than sanction deep thinkers into thinking deep on the way forward for the country. I personally did not expect FDC internal party issues to spend such much time discussed on than focus on national issues. We have to Cut the crap and go for the bigger perspective that benefits the whole country. We still have prosecutors on strike over poor working conditions, Doctors calling off their strike over poor working conditions upto 16 December does not mean the situation has eventually become better. We are having criminals working around the clock to change Article 102 (b) of the 1995 Constitution to maim Uganda and Ugandans for ever , we have Kasese Massacre victims still waiting for justice amidst injustice , we are having our soldiers being killed day and night in Somalia without being accorded a decent burial and those captured are deemed careless as the founder of his oil sips red wine on the day Ugandans are killed in Somalia, we are still having 50 dead bodies of Kasese Massacre victims unclaimed by relatives and buried in the barracks, we are still having journalists arrested for following up stories of why Ugandans are dying of preventable disease and root causes, we are having Ugandans being sold in Libya as slaves as we speak, we have thugs in ragtag attires clobbering people release on bail by courts of laws fully armed in broad day light and authorities come up to say we do not know those thugs that are guided by police on live camera. You people, cut that crap please. #TogikwatakoArticle102(b)




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