I have sufficiently discussed the so called ‘moles’ in FDC in the past and that is why I have been reluctant to comment on the ongoing debate about Gen. Muntu and the FDC ‘moles’.
However, let me say this; it is a fact that the Museveni regime spies on opposition political parties using both human (moles) and technical means (hacking, electronic intercepts, etc.). The regime’s actions are driven by the urge to gather classified information pertaining to the opposition plans, source of financial and logistical resources, and how best the regime can undermine and foment divisionism thus cause internal disharmony.
For human sources of intelligence, the regime uses the most active activists amongst MPs, party executives, district party leaders, the youth, clerks, drivers etc. For the FDC, the regime’s major concern is the mobilization of the population for mass action dubbed ‘DEFIANCE’.
It is what is giving the regime sleepless nights and having a big toll on its financial, logistical and human resources. Therefore, the regime gets timely and accurate intelligence on ‘defiance’ from reliable both human (moles) and technical sources.
The human sources are so well placed within the FDC that it is not easy to detect them leave alone rising suspicion. Some people who don’t know how moles operate have also been referring to Betty Kamya and Maj. Rubaramira who left FDC to join Museveni as having been ‘moles’ in FDC. My contention is that they had not been moles but opportunists who chose to join Museveni for selfish interests. On the contrary, if they had been moles they would have remained in the party undetected; moreover no one had ever suspected them of being moles.
Similarly, if Gen. Muntu was one of such moles, he would be the most active advocate of the defiance campaign so that he is well positioned to gather and pass on information to Museveni. The fact is that Gen. Muntu contested for the FDC flagbearership in 2015 on the theme of structurally organizing the party.
Dr. Besigye who campaigned on the theme of ‘winning by defiance’ took the day. In his concession speech, Gen. Muntu warned thus; “if defiance is not properly organized, it will be smashed in a day”. Dr. Besigye won the February 2016 presidential elections and indeed the defiance movement was smashed by the Museveni regime.
Like anybody else, it is just natural that Gen. Muntu wished to see his prediction come true – ‘ a disorganized defiance smashed within a day’. He went ahead to controversially encourage opposition MPs to take up the role of Opposition in Parliament as opposed to the ‘defiance camp’ who had been in favor of a boycott.
Having been Museveni’s spy and longest serving army chief, Gen. Muntu knows better than anybody else that no level of organization by political opposition can dislodge Museveni from power through an election.
Gen. Muntu is systematically building his political profile. He is Uganda’s longest serving Army Commander, he has been President of the strongest opposition political party. Since he is not the type of person who can accept any political appointment from Museveni, he is now eying his name appearing on the ballot paper for national presidential elections. He would make history by being the first former army chief to contest against his former Commander in Chief.
Therefore, Gen. Muntu cannot risk losing his hard-earned political reputation by emotionally and arbitrarily quitting the FDC. He needs the FDC as much as it also needs him. However, the opportunists are bent to pounce and lead him to the slaughter house thus the much anticipated ‘big announcement by Gen. Muntu’.



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