Naturally, all eyes are on Zimbabwe and Robert Mugabe’s Fall From GRACE!
Those who pay attention to Africa know well that there is pessimism about this wonderful Man now president of Zimbabwe.
For certain, Hon. Emerson Dambudzo Mnangagwa has been left and right and centre of the despotic dictator Robert Mugabe.

In our culture in the dark continent of Africa, we have suffered immensely.
We detested slavery. Except now slavery is come and it is Africans selling Africans into slavery.
We detested the Imperialists. The white people enslaving us and teaching us Christianity as they stole our land and minerals and other resources. BUT now it is our “LIBERATORS” who loot the continent and they say “AFRICAN PROBLEMS MUST BE SOLVED BY AFRICAN SOLUTIONS”.
Except, they all loot the continent and enrich themselves in off shore accounts. Leading to some even suffering consequences from Panama Papers. Lately, Paradise Papers.

Then you watch an old man on live Camera “I work for my family and my children”. Dumb and malnourished Ugandans clap.
The same man is on camera saying “I am no servant. I am not a servant”. Then same suffering and marginalized Ugandans clap their hands. .

But I really must have been adopted. So we have this dotard ruling the country for now coming to 32 years. He tells the nation that he needs more time to eradicate poverty and ensure that all Ugandans and all of Africa enjoy the peace and security he brought us.
Make no mistake. Hon. John Amama Mbabazi was a big loss for Uganda. He was our Mnangagwa and it is not because I am a JPAM brat. Too bad the liptards in opposition did not see opportunity.

Now, just review Zimbabwe. The country has the best literacy rate in the world competing with Cuba (Long Live Castro). Mugabe sucked the life out of Zimbabwe but did he ever invest in education. Some African countries are going to suffer immensely when Zimbwabweans return home to build their country. Do some Africans even remember what Rhodesia looked like before Mugabe?

WHY Uganda missed a great opportunity in JPAM is because lenders, funders, donors look for stability. JPAM was perfectly placed for transition from Jarukanga but all opposition who should have supported JPAM is now in tatters.

Why is it that for 15yrs with Dr. Kizza Besigye (a man I loved next to a few good men) has not been supported to take over presidency of Uganda? Likely because his dotard diehards kill off opportunities. POA has no chance in hell if he does not work with Hon. Kyagulanyi, Gen. Mugisha Muntu, Gen. David Sejusa, Dr. Kizza Besigye and JPAM. I forget who else. YOU WILL never take down Museveni without an army.mnangagwa
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