There is a cancer eating up FDC whereby the extremists don’t want to be questioned on their words or decisions. This one some of us have refused. In fact Besigye and his group have sustained the current regime more than anyone else. 

I know some of you will not make sense out of this but here is why:

1. In 2000 when Besigye announced his presidential bid, M7 only had one term left on his 2 term limit. Had Besigye not challenged Sevo and awakened him to the reality that there were so many people actually that hate his leadership, it would have been very hard for him to change the constitution in 2005.

2. Since 1986, we had been under the Movement system until 2003 when political parties were opened up. The change of the political system was an entrenchment of the regime. It was no surprising that M7 was the chief campaigner for the return to multipartyism 2 years after he had been pouring scorn on multi party politics. I strongly believe that if the opposition had looked far, they would have understood that M7 was trying to get a new lease of life with multiparty politics because the dissenting views in movement were becoming a thorn in his flesh.

3. Since 2012, Besigye swore never to participate in any election with M7 and especially when there were no electoral reforms. All the men and women who tried to convince him to continue the struggle were dissed as being naive to the fact that the electoral commission as it was constituted then could not hold a free and fair election. Don’t ask me if Besigye stood in 2016 with no reforms because I don’t know. Because i don’t know when he changed his mind to stand again without the reforms.

4. FDC is filled with people who don’t want to listen to issues affecting the country and the plan to address those issues. When Muntu launched the leap forward in 2013, he created a policy agenda and this silenced the critics who were always bashing FDC as being in place to remove M7 with no alternative government policies. I hope this agenda can be advanced by the new leadership.

5. Campaign message: My aunt in Kahondo, Maziba  Sub county in Ndorwa West Kabale district who is a 75 years old voter does not understand Democracy, Rule of Law and Economic breakdown. She wants to know whether her grand child will have fees the following term and how. The campaign messages must be tailor made to suit different communities. These messages must be localised too. Things to do with national issues come after the locals have understood what’s in for them.

When you are campaigning among the Bakiga and say “Eat the money but vote wisely”, an old man will tell you that I ate so and so’s money and hence I don’t want to be seen as a cheat”. This is why NRM takes money to village levels because they have mastered the game.

6. Article 102b amendment. As you can see, the forces opposing this amendment are quiet. Believe it or not, the forces against this amendment drawn from all political shades had pushed the framers and Gikwatekko proponents to the wall. The discussion had heated up until Besigye entered the ring. Once he claimed to champion the opposing forces against the amendment, NRM and other opposing forces slowed down because now a national issue had been hijacked by a politician and long time nemesis of the president. You may agree with me or not but this Togikwatakko campaign has been affected so negatively by Besigye. It has become another KB-M7 battle. I personally think this was a tactical error on Besigye side.
So, what’s the way forward: The notion by the new President of FDC of claiming the 2016 Victory is a hoax. It’s a big lie. He won’t even do anything in that direction and he knows it.

It’s now the role of citizens to gauge and see if they are better or worse than before. The citizens should be well organised to achieve political and economic independence and after that, they will push for the change they desire.




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