REFUGEES: Uganda sex trafficking cartel targets vulnerable refugees.

The Uganda government is involved in many Human Rights abuses which the world chooses to ignore and this report from a respected Uganda media houses should not come as a shock.

The scandal of Uganda’s OPM (Office of Prime Minister) lying and cheating UN and donors out of money is only a tip of the iceberg. We have been telling you these things for years and all our stories are on the Internet.

However, you have all chosen to turn a blind eye and a deaf ear thinking these problems will disappear. Be sure that some of us will keep talking till you listen.

Antonio Guterres and Ken Roth as well as Ambassador Malac can never say that I did not talk about these things which are generating refugees into Uganda, forcing land grabbing for refugee camps and forcing Ugandans into IDP Camps. History will judge you very harshly.

NTV UGANDA – Some police officers, working with brokers, receive young girls some as young as 15, and take them on as wives in exchange for legal documents

Uganda has been praised for its progressive refugee policy. With millions coming and immediately given a piece of land and immediately resettled, the numbers have been shooting through the roof.

But at the heart of this rosy policy, is a well planned and executed sexual manipulation of refugees…

Also involved in this power manipulation are officials from the Office of the prime minister and the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees. While the Police desk at Old Kampala acknowledges that these brokers exist, they deny claims that their officers are involved.

In Panorama this week, we speak to victims and go undercover to unearth a racket involving agents and officials ironically expected to protect the lives of these refugees. This is a story of manipulation.

Contact: +256751585905


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