UGANDA: Serious gunshots in Yumbe

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Serious gun shot in Yumbe Town so far 4 people have died trouble started yesterday evening URA were for cracking down number less motorcycles in the process of arresting they shot the bodaboda owner dead. This morning sources reveals that bodaboda group gathered and stormed DPCs office for action after failing to get satisfactory answer started attacking them this has led to shooting of 3 more people. By the time of this post the confirmed people who died were 4

Very serious chaos in Yumbe as the people of Aringa are fighting with police and army. They alleged that the district has failed to protect them. They attempted to attack the district offices.
This came after one of their colleagues was knocked dead by a URA vehicle yesterday. The vehicle tried to capture his numberless motorcycle.
They don't want to see any vehicle or motorcycle with a government number plate or an NGO vehicle.

They have so burned 1 motorcycle belonging to the government and two cars belonging to an NGO with a driver.
So far eight people have been short


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