UGANDA: Man kills wife over returning home late, hands self to police

Police visited the crime scene to investigate further

KAMPALA (DAILY MONITOR) – Police at Lira Central Police Station are holding a 47-year-old man, who handed himself to police on Monday after allegedly killing his 48-year-old wife.

The North Kyoga Region police spokesperson, Mr David Ongom Mudong, says the suspect confessed to killing Sarah Akidi for returning home late on Sunday.

The suspect is a resident of Abor ‘A’ village, Adekokwok Sub-county in Lira District.
Mr Ongom said the suspect said in a statement that on Sunday his wife returned home at about 8pm, which prompted a fight between the two.

“He claimed he used a stick to hit his wife on the forehead, killing her instantly,” the police spokesperson said.

By press time, Mr Ongom said police detectives had visited the scene of crime to gather more information.

The deceased is survived by four children.


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